Revisions Required is a blog maintained by Melonie Fullick (@qui_oui) and Tamson Pietsch (@cap_and_gown) from York and Sydney/Brunel universities, respectively.

In it we trace the temporal dimension of current talk about higher education. Our interest is in how certain versions of the history of education are invoked alongside interpretations of its present, and predictions for its future.

So much bad history is mobilised in discussion about universities – by governments, by Vice-Chancellors, by commentators, and perhaps worst of all by “educational innovators” who, in their calls for change, cast the past in terms that would have been unrecognisable to those who inhabited it. We call on all those who care about the past, present and future of higher education to contribute examples of such #educrap wherever it may be found. Because, re-visioning the past is a way of en-visioning the future and in this, we all have an interest.

Our header shows an image of the University of the Future, as imagined by General Electric engineers in 1961.